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NSS is an innovative organisation with expanded capabilities

Our Service Approach.

NSS is an innovative organisation with expanded capabilities outside the scope of conventional providers and are truly focused on being the industry leaders in quality security service.

We are acutely aware that transitioning to a new provider can be a potentially vulnerable time for any organisation and our structured transition process provides peace of mind and ensures a seamless transition.

Our personnel have to ensure they are positive mutual brand ambassadors of both our brand and our clients. Each interaction with our brand, and yours, will be a positive “moment of truth”

  • Value and Vision Alignment: Ensuring our people are aligned with our clients’ values
  • Transparent Metric Measurement: Mystery shopping and regular service validation KPI’s
  • Uncompromising Standards: Part of our DNA and this commences at recruitment

NSS has a systematic approach and truly understand that each of our clients have a unique risk landscape. We take an all-hazards approach to service and risk mitigation for our clients.

Personnel Selection Process.

Positive public interaction with our personnel is PARAMOUNT”

Due to our focus on the ongoing development and career pathing for our personnel, NSS is an employer of choice for the industry. We have a waitlist of potential candidates wanting to commence employment with our organisation.

We pride ourselves on a robust and thorough recruitment and training process.

  • Motivated and well-trained staff are key to successful service delivery
  • We ensure that our recruitment and induction process instils them with our core values.
  • An evidence-based approach to recruiting- validating the candidates’ qualifications, licenses, certifications, and experience

NSS has invested in all necessary licences to safely deliver our services.

Specialist Training Programs.

“Our sizeable reinvestment into our personnel for additional training directly translates into higher service provision and loyalty.” –Alan Merheb

We have taken a unique approach and invested heavily in customised training programs for our team, to ensure that everything is delivered as per the company mandate. We provide them with a multitude of additional specialist training programs- ensuring they are prepared and validated competent for the totality of their roles.

All of our training material is first sent to our clients for review prior to action to ensure it is in line with their expectations, vision and values.

  • NSS & Client-Specific Induction
  • Safely dealing with conflict
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Base behaviour profiling
  • Advanced customer service strategies

Accountability is a requirement throughout all facets of our work and all members of our team.  With over 100 employees we acknowledge that our ongoing investment in our people will remain key to our future success.


“Our business strategy is customer satisfaction.”

The NSS client partnerships are built on transparency, integrity, and a true alignment and understanding of our mutual objectives.

Our risk management protocols and controls help contribute to the strategies of our partners by reducing the likelihood and consequence of broader risk exposure.

We achieve our best results when a client wants to truly partner with our firm…

O H & S and Risk Reduction.

All staff are regularly provided with information pertaining to risk reduction and OH&S. Risk is constant, therefore efforts to minimise risk must be ongoing with constant awareness training instated.

At the commencement of any new works, all security staff are advised of their specific role and associated risks (induction), at regular intervals throughout the term of the contract (tool-box talks) and when any new issue arises.

Other tools utilised to reduce risk include but are not limited to:

  • SOP’s
  • SWMS
  • Risk Assessment
  • Inductions / Training
  • KPI’s
  • Updated Policies & Procedures
  • Welfare Checks

Sustainability, Environment and Policies.

We believe the Environment & Sustainability is everyone’s business and that’s why we ensure NSS:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation.
  • Remain accredited with our IMS Certification.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of environmental & Sustainability issues among all staff.
  • Integrate policies and procedures into all scopes of work or SOP’s.
  • Manage and conserve energy and resources efficiently within all places of work.

Trusted by Australia’s best.

Our Offerings.

NSS is an innovative organisation with expanded capabilities outside the scope of conventional providers and are truly focused on being the industry leader in quality security service.

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