Certifications and Licenses

Our accreditations, licences and best practice certifications.

Best Practice Certifications.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements
  • ISO 45001:2015 O H & S Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Requirements

Master Licences.

  • NSW Master Licence Number: 409855944
  • ACT Master Licence Number: 17502466
  • QLD Master License Number: 3665989
  • VIC Master Licence Number: 872-148-90S
  • SA Master Licence Number: ISL 260437
  • WA Master Licence: SA53944
  • NSW CAPI Licence Number: 410526435
  • NZ Master Licence Number: 18-055343

Labour Hire Licences.

  • QLD Labour Hire Licence Number: LHL-00525-Q8X6J
  • VIC Labour Hire Licence Number: VICLHL05752


  • Public Liability: NPP-26063-GL
  • NSW WC: 119665801
  • QLD WC: WAD140952326
  • VIC WC: 14376856
  • SA WC: 31157304
  • WA WC: WCW005346683

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Our Offerings.

NSS is an innovative organisation with expanded capabilities outside the scope of conventional providers and are truly focused on being the industry leader in quality security service.

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